Hachisu Okiya - Education


The world of the Geisha is an elusive one as their artistic and social activities are, in part, a conservation of the traditional arts of japan. The role of the female Geisha was born from two different places, one being a tradition passed down by the male Geisha (Taikomochi) who originated as jester-like entertainers in the high court, and the other originated by women opening teahouses for refreshment to those on pilgrimage to highly-attended shrines in Japan. These teahouses offered traditionally prepared and served teas and grew in popularity to the point where more entertainment was requested, such as the provision of saké (rice wine) alongside tea and dance performances for those who came to drink.

Hachisu Okiya provides education on many levels - true Geisha or Maiko study continually, to hone and develop their skills and knowledge, even at 80 years plus! Hachisu Okiya teaches by providing Japanese Arts days and workshops which explore finding dedication to art inside ourselves. We also visit schools and community groups to educate and perform on various topics including the Geisha world, Japanese culture, celebration of the seasons and meditation in art.

Please feel free to contact us if you would be interested in hiring us to educate, each event is a different one and we would be delighted to discuss your educational ideas and needs.


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