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In Japan where Geisha and Maiko train and live they are often requested to assist with the many celebrations and festivals that happen throughout the year.
Many of these festivals highlight the current season and feeling of the people and community. The Geisha and Maiko artists help by wearing kimono that reflect the motifs of the season, relevant colours and ornaments in their hair. They are also trained in numerous rituals such as the Tea Ceremony and 'Bean Throwing' to cast out old energies and bring forth good luck. Their music and dance brings much life to the celebrations enacting movements which refer to natural and artistic elements of the season. They also have festival days specific to their own community (the flower and willow world). On these days the most formal and beautiful kimono are worn as the women of the community bustle about, visiting to give thanks to those who have helped them to learn and grow.


New Year
Gion Matsuri

We at Hachisu Okiya love to be involved with festivals and attend as many as we can locally. We have most recently enjoyed participating in the Dragon Boat races and the Totnes Festival Lantern procession. Our training in awareness and joy meet perfectly when there are many around to celebrate a special time, and in this time of 'Staycations' and reduced resources, we feel that local festivals are especially important for everyone who can be involved.


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