Hachisu Okiya - Parties

A geisha party (O-Zashiki) is one of the main things maiko and geiko are booked for in Japan. They occur at Ochaya (teahouses), whose owners are experts at outsourcing everything that will make an evening a 'little piece of heaven'. Traditional Zashiki usually only cater for a few people at a time to promote a greater communication between those present and include good food, drink and entertainment, all pulled together for the customers. Many businesses survive and flourish as a result of this kind of party, a celebration of the interconnectedness of the community that surrounds the Ochaya.

In Japan it is traditional to never pour your own drink - symbolising the constant presence of friends and community; to eat moderately and artistically - symbolising the ability to enjoy and savour every mouthful rather than aiming to fill to stomach regardless of taste; and to smile with the people you work with - symbolising that one makes better decisions when one is happy. In this way zashiki is booked for many reasons and the maiko and geiko perform an important role in communication and entertainment with the balance between light-hearted games and traditional performances of dancing and music.

We at Hachisu Okiya love to assist people in whatever they wish to celebrate, from a birthday to a networking soiree. Every event is different and we are happy to find you an appropriate venue and source good food and entertainment - or we can come and join in with your own event, working alongside or with you directly. We are also available for fundraising parties - working towards a specific goal or with a certain subject in mind we can create something that will highlight the cause and create that 'little piece of heaven' that anyone would wish to experience. Send us an e-mail with your ideas: we look forward to hearing from you :)


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